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The Periodic meeting of the E- portal team

E-Portal 11.09.2023 9346

         The university’s E- portal team held its Periodic meeting, on Monday, 9/11/2023, at 1 : 00 P.M., headed by Prof. / Mohammad Abdo Ragheb Amasha, director of the university’s electronic portal project and dean of the faculty of Specific Education.

The meeting was attended by:

Eng. /Ahmed Al-Zalaki - designer

Eng. /Mahmoud Okeel - Developer

Eng. /Sarah Al-Banna - developer

Eng. /Fatma Al-Morr - developer

Eng. /Yasmin Al-Sobki - Developer

Mrs./ Samar Attia Al-Shaer - Translator

Mrs./ Asmaa Osama Baraka - Content Manager

Mrs./ Nada Asaad - Content Manager

The meeting discussed the following topics:

1- Modifying some links on the new university website.

2- Updating the CV sites of faculty staff members.

3- Starting to create a website for the Center of Research Excellence in Agricultural Sciences at the faculty of Agriculture.

4- Working constantly update the content of the university’s website.

5- Discussing the electronic portal’s participation in the Government Excellence Award for the academic year 2023-2024.

6- New works.

The meeting ended at 3 : 00 p.m.



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