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The University President receives Professor Dr. Ulf Ottosson

The President of the University 11.02.2024 516

               Today, Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of the University, welcomed Professor Dr. Ulf Ottoson, lecturer at the Ornithological Research Institute in Nigeria, in the presence of Professor Dr. Mohamad Shehab, Secretary-General of the University, and Dr. Basma Shata, Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at the College of Science, on the sidelines of his participation in a two-day workshop organized by the Service Affairs Sector at the College of Science, in cooperation with the Department of Zoology, entitled: “Methods of monitoring and identifying waterbirds and protecting them from the harms of climate change.” The workshop concluded on its second day with Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie, University President, honoring the student participants and the organizing committee of faculty members and their assistants at the college. In the presence of Professor Dr. Hatem Idris, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Professor Dr. Mohamad Abu Dobara, Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Basma Mohamad Shata, Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology, Professor Noha Al-Sayed, Secretary of the College, and a number of distinguished faculty members at the College. Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie welcomed Dr. Ulf, during his address, praising his fruitful cooperation with the university in exchanging expertise and practical experiences on the topic of the workshop and effective communication with students.


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