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The external revision team Visits the Faculty of Science

Quality Unit 22.11.2017 22201

        A team of accredited external auditors visited the Faculty of Science  at Damietta university during 21-22/11/2017 .The visit began with the faculty dean’s meeting  and the academic leaders .

       The team examined the quality documents then has a meeting  with the faculty staff members in addition to conduct  a lot of meetings and activities during the two days.

The team consists of :-

1.   Prof.dr./Reda Mosad Elsaed .                                             The chairman

2.   Prof.dr./Azza Ismael Othman .                     The faculty of science ex-president.   (member)

3.   Prof.dr./Mamdoh Abdulmageed. (head of chemistry department at El Mansoura  faculty of science )   (member)  

4.    Prof.dr./Mohamed Elbakary .( Physics professor at El Mansoura  faculty of science)(member)  

5.    Dr./Elshahat Abdulaziz Saleh.(Quality Assurance Unit’s  manager at El Mansoura  faculty of science) ( member)


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