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The 3rd scientific conference "Future Scientists 3"

Education & Student Affairs 06.12.2018 18071

           Under the auspices of prof.dr./El Sayed Mohamed Dador – the university president , as part of the state's keenness to encourage the young researchers , Damietta university will held the3rd   scientific conference "Future Scientists 3"for Egyptian universities and institutes , as it is a scientific meeting organized by student &Education sector at Damietta university on 17- 18/4/2019 .

            The students will present  scientific researches  of their production under the supervision of specialists of faculty staff members according to the declared specializations to be presented at the conference , after paying the participation fees for each delegation(2000 pounds)to public universities and (5000 pounds)to private universities  .

           Also, a technical exhibition will be held beside the conference for students' artworks, the universities delegations will be welcomed on the evening of 16/4/2019,for maximum of five students for the delegation ,an  academic supervisor and students’ supervisor from the students care, the University will  offer  financial awards for outstanding research.

The research will be  provided in the following fields:

·         Basic and Environmental Sciences.

·         Medical Sciences.

·         Engineering Sciences .

·         Agricultural Sciences .

·         Humanities and Rights .

·         Tourism and Hospitality.

·         Physical Education and Health Sciences .

·         Social sciences and taking care the special needs.

·         Social sciences and business administration .

·         Media& press.

·         (Applied – Musical - Graphical  - Expressive) Sciences .

·         History & archaeology.

So , it gives us great pleasure to have your university's participation in our conference with (not more than 5 researches) for maximum of five students for the delegation ,an  academic supervisor and students’ supervisor from the students care whether the research is individual or joint , the participating students should fill in the participation form electronically on the conference website.

-          The abstracts of researches and completed research are sent by e-mail ( Dusconf@du.edu.eg )

-          The dead line for submitting the abstracts is 30/1/2019 and the completed researches  1/3/2019.

-          The conference brochure will be sent later.

-          For more information, please contact the conference site at Damietta University page. 

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