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The Minister of Higher Education inaugurates a number of projects at the Damietta university

The President of the University 05.04.2021 50012

               On Monday 5 / 4 / 2021 ,Professor. Dr. Khalid Abdel-Ghaffar, The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Professor  Dr. El Sayed Mohamad Dadour the president of Damietta university inaugurated a number of completed projects at the university. The Minister met with the members of the University Council, in the presence of the President and Vice President of the Students' Union, representatives of university students, to discuss the progress of the educational process and follow up the implementation of the hybrid education system that combines distance study and face-to-face study. Precautionary and preventive measures and success in facing the current challenges, especially in light of the spread of the Corona virus. The minister suggested, during the university council, the establishment of an academy for skills development and training within the new universities to serve the graduate, student, faculty members, the assisting body, and university workers. The Minister praised the number of projects that have been implemented at the university in the past three years, which comes within the framework of the state’s interest in developing public universities at all levels. He also praised the new colleges that were opened to serve the environment surrounding the university.


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