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Launching of the activities of the “Ninth Forum to Combat Violence against Women”

The President of the University 05.12.2023 1115

      Today, Tuesday, December 5, 2023 Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of Damietta University, witnessed the launch of the activities of the “Ninth Forum for Combating Violence against Women” at the Faculty of Education, in cooperation with the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, in the presence of Professor Dr. Amany Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Dina Hewieedy , Director General. General Administration of Women’s Culture, Dr. Fady Salama, General Director of Damietta Culture Branch, and a number of faculty members, administrators and university students. The event began with playing the Republican Anthem and then reciting verses from the Holy Quran. The meeting began with a speech by Professor Dr. Amany Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Education, who talked about ways of cooperation between Damietta University and the General Authority for Cultural Palaces. Followed by the doctor's speech. Dina Huwaidi, Director General of the General Administration of Women’s Culture, spoke about the concept of violence, explaining its types and reasons for its spread, its negative effects on women’s health, whether psychological or physical, and how to reduce it. During the University President’s speech, he welcomed the guests, thanking all those who contributed to organizing such meetings, stressing that Damietta University will remain an incubator for activities that contribute to supporting women, who are the foundation of society. His Excellency stressed the keenness of the Egyptian state, led by the political leadership, to protect women from all forms of violence, considering them an important part of society that works, struggles, and educates. For his part, it was made clear that ancient Egyptian women led the country alone, which indicates how liberal and open Egypt was, allowing queens to ascend the throne like men. Her contribution to this was no less than the man’s contribution. On the sidelines of the forum, His Excellency inspected the products of handicraft workshops, as part of the activities implemented in cooperation with the General Administration of Women’s Culture. His Excellency explained the importance of spreading the culture of self-employment, and investing energies and skills to raise the efficiency of women and girls to establish small projects, move towards entrepreneurship, and qualify girls for the labor market and train them to learn a craft. Enables them to implement projects; It contributes to improving their income and qualifying them to enter the labor market.

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