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Damietta University hosts the National Alliance for Civil Action conference, “Come Share”

The President of the University 05.12.2023 1137

      Today, Tuesday, December 5, 2023, Damietta University hosted the activities of the National Alliance for Private Developmental Action conference, “Download Share,” in Farouk Shousha Hall, which was organized by the National Alliance for Private Developmental Action in Damietta Governorate, in cooperation with Damietta University. In the presence of Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie Al-Metwally, President of the University, Professor Dr. Wael Farouk Al-Taybany, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Islam Ibrahim, Deputy Governor of Damietta, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Awadi, General Coordinator of the National Alliance in Damietta Governorate, journalist Osama Saraya, and Sheikh Al-Shahat Al-Azzazi / Imam of the Al-Azza Mosque. Al-Bayt, Dr. Rady Abd Al Moaty, former head of the Consumer Protection Agency and lecturer at the Police Academy, and Captain Diaa Al-Sayed, former Egyptian national team coach. The conference activities began with the republican anthem, then the Holy Qur’an, followed by the presentation of a video recording about the achievements of the Egyptian state during the past nine years and its achievements in various fields. The audience then talked about the extent of the achievements achieved by the Egyptian state during the era of President Abd Al Fattah El-Sisi, an image they are proud of, whether on the political level, the economic level, or the infrastructure and giant projects in all fields that the country is witnessing. Emphasizing the need to continue the process of achievements that have been achieved. They also emphasized the importance of citizens exercising their constitutional rights, and participating en masse in the presidential elections, to elect a promising, strong political leadership capable of protecting Egypt and continuing the process of construction and development. In conclusion, Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie, President of the University, praised during his speech the unprecedented achievements that were achieved in Egypt under the leadership of President Abd Al Fattah El-Sisi, including, but not limited to, spending to develop higher education and scientific research, which was the path to the new republic, directing his thanks to the Egyptian Armed Forces that were able Protecting the people and seeking to achieve their will.


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