Graduate studies and researches sector

Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research


Professor /  Hemdan Rabei Atia ElMetawali


The Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations Sector at Damietta University strives to achieve a pioneering role at the local and regional levels. It equally seeks to achieve international competition in terms of preparing highly distinguished graduates and pushing forward scientific knowledge to produce high-quality academic research outcomes. This requires provision of a dynamic and integrative scientific research and development system, constant contact with the world community, and knowledge-based, technologically applicable solutions for the community’s welfare and best avail. Thus, the sector strives to develop a cadre of qualified, committed and student centered faculty who can work together towards lifting the University to the highest levels of performance. Nationally supported, Damietta University endeavors to provide first-rate, specific postgraduate programs at the local, national and regional levels, benchmarked to international standards and targeted towards preparing higher-degree competitive and globally oriented postgraduates.

The sector also strives to create a conducive environment for preparing a faculty pool oriented toward academic and research leadership at the local, regional and international levels.  Scientific research is the only way forward, and global outreach and innovation are two pillars of research development. Towards this purpose, there have been national efforts to strengthen educational institutions, including universities, in terms of technological, informational and human development.  Moreover, applied research is promoted to address issues and needs of the community, beginning with diagnosing problems and ending with finding innovative and applicable solutions.  Therefore, the university endeavors to activate and foster postgraduate, cultural and research-oriented work and make the most use of all laboratory, library and human resources for the best avail of society.



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