The Inbound Students Administration

Inbound Student Affairs Administration

Damietta University, one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, has the honor to receive international students from all Arab countries and other nationalities to study in its faculties either as undergraduates in the  university or in postgraduate studies.
Damietta University is distinguished by its high quality educational service, which includes  distinguished staff  members who have studied all over the world, as well as advanced research laboratories that include the latest equipment.
What  most distinguishes Damietta University is its location  in Damietta New City  which overlooks the Mediterranean coast. It is also a crossroad of many of  the Delta governorates such as Port Said, Alexandria, Dakahlia and Cairo.
The administration of  inbound students  provides all facilities and offers all assistance to international students both inside and outside the University. The University also provides a good social environment for inbound students through setting up an inbound student club at the university through which the students can practise various social activities.
The Administration of Inbound Student Affairs seeks to be a leading, distinguished and promising institution that is administratively reliable, humane and technological in the Damietta University as an accredited educational and research institution in accordance with international quality standards.
Mission :
It aims at supporting the image of Damietta University at the Arab and international levels as an Egyptian university of a unique nature and increasing  its competitiveness at the regional and international levels.
It Increases the University's attractions by providing various services to international students who will become ambassadors in their country after being graduated from Damietta University.
It seeks to help international students to adapt to life in the university community and integrate into university life, which enriches students at the university.
Activities  assigned to the  Inbound Student Affairs Administration at Damietta University:
1. Facilitate the procedures of accepting the inbound students' papers .
2. Communicate with the inbound students via e-mail in reply to any queries and send the initial approvals to them.
3. Communicate with the cultural offices of the Arab and African countries, either directly or  via e-mail, to make orientation of  the educational programs followed in the university faculties.
4. Conduct periodical meetings for international students with the university leaders to identify their problems and work to solve them.
5. Define the distinguished scientific status of the faculty members and that of the winners of scientific prizes.
6. Set up a club for inbound students in the university through which they can practise various activities.
7. Grant inbound students the right to choose the supervision committee for their master's or doctoral theses.
8. Help students find accommodation.
9. A guide for inbound students is being prepared in a folded form that includes information about the faculties of the university and the different majors in each faculty.
10. Endeavors are done to include Damietta University within the recognized Arab universities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
11. Address security authorities in Damietta to hasten  the procedures of  getting residency for inbound students.
12. Use easier  procedures in preparing the Cartoon certificates so as to save time and effort for the inbound student.
13.Circulate the importance of having  inbound  students at the university  through holding meetings and conducting workshops for faculty members, administrators,  and all leaders of the university colleges.
14. Facilitate and follow up registration, and graduation procedures.
15. keep in touch with the Ministry through assigning  a delegate from the university to carry out all  the procedures of transactions for inbound  students at the Ministry of Higher Education.
Establishment Decision:
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