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  1. About the Francophone University Agency

A Glimpse on the Francophone University Agency

The Francophone University Agency (AUF) is a global association of Francophone universities (French-speaking or French-using in educational programs) that seeks to promote cooperation between francophone university institutions (the Francophone University Association) and foster the provision and development of high quality and equitable education worldwide.   AUF has been active for more than 50 years in the field of higher education and research.  It supports the training of professionals who can contribute to the development of their society.  Further, AUF represents a global network of more than 850 university and research institutions from 110 countries in five continents that use the French language.  It also has 68 offices in 40 countries, and a plethora of members, including 14 permanent and associate members in Egypt. Headquartered in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), AUF’s primary activities are distributed between Montreal and Paris, France.


  1. Services provided by AUF

AUF offers students, teachers and researchers services such as providing scholarships, financing mobility, and supporting research projects.  It also helps institutional systems in their modernization plans (such as updating management systems, self-assessment and evaluation programs, and preparing institutional projects). Moreover, it coordinates activities of national offices at the regional level (such as digital university campuses - branch offices and institutes).  AUF also offers training sessions for providing the knowledge base and capacity building necessary for development. It further opens new avenues, creating links between researchers and research laboratories and establishing partnerships and joint projects with international organizations such as UNESCO, the European Union, non-governmental organizations and private companies.


  1. Strategy of the Middle East Office – AUF

The role of the Middle East Office is to keep up with member universities in their journey towards modernity by promoting innovation through training and research. Thus, a strategy is set up based on four main premises:

  • Supporting structural reform of university programs and courses of study through innovation, collaboration between universities, intelligent use of information and communication technology, and integration of competency-based and project-based approaches.
  • Supporting universities in their quest for innovation in research, improving institutional structures and building capacities (establishing regional partnerships between universities on issues that answer specific country needs; offering students high-quality training on research methods and helping teachers develop as researchers and research supervisors).
  • Developing cooperation activities at the regional level and expanding their access to a wide range of member universities.
  • Promoting a regional and international radiation policy by supporting Francophony-oriented activities and seeking new partnerships.


  1. Pioneering Projects

Distant Learning and Pedagogical innovation (Tempus-ADIP)

This project is supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the regional office of AUF in the Middle East, with a funding that amounts to € 1.5 million over three years. The project includes 16 Middle Eastern beneficiaries (10 Lebanese and 6 Egyptians). It tackles educational innovation and offers basic skills and lifelong training for empowering professionals.  


  1. Membership of Damietta University in the Francophone University Association
  • Dr. Waleed Sobhy Al-Adl, lecturer at Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, has been assigned coordinator of Damietta University for AUF, at University Council session No. 103 on 25/6/2018.
  • Data has been collected and studied and measures have been taken in preparation for Damietta University to apply for membership in the AUF.
  • Details of application for membership have been submitted and discussed at University Council meeting session 108 on 29/8/2018. The council has approved the application for membership in its decision and called for follow-up and finish-up procedures.
  • All requirements have been prepared, translated and sent to the University Headquarters for three months (from September to November).
  • On August 30, 2018, AUF board of directors has approved to grant Damietta University associate Membership (httpss://


  1. University Coordinator

Dr. Waleed Sobhy Abdul-Hameed … from 25/6/2018 to date.


  1. Contacts

Site : httpss://

Services centraux – Montréal

Adresse postale : BP 49714 Csp du Musée - Montréal (Québec) H3T 2A5 - Canada

Adresse physique : Pavillon Jean-Marc Léger, 3034, Boul. Edouard-Montpetit, Montréal, (Québec) H3T 1J7, Canada

Coordonnées : Téléphone : +1 514 343 66 30  - Télécopie : +1 514 343 21 07

Courriel :

Services centraux – Paris

Adresse postale : 4, place de la Sorbonne - 75005 Paris - France

Adresse physique : 4, place de la Sorbonne - 75005 Paris - France

 Coordonnées : Téléphone : +33 1 44 41 18 18 - Courriel :          



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