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Damietta University E - Portal achieves the rate of 100%

E-Portal 17.01.2017 49425

            Damietta University E-portal Project  - all praise to Allah - achieves the rate  of 100% in the assessment of the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Higher Education in Cairo during the second quarter for the academic year 2016-2017 within the development of information technology  projects «ICTP»,

         Prof. Dr. / Tarek M. Abu El-Maati - the Vice President for Education & Student Affairs, the Executive Director of the project and Dr. /Ahmed Abd Elghany Ewees, the project director give their sincere congratulations to the central team work for their efforts, and thank the university administration, faculties, project directors, faculty staff members, E-services units, and E- portal units at the faculties On their contributions to support the "portal project" in particular, and the "ICTP" projects in general, which helps - after the help of Allah - in achieving high rates among  the Egyptian and the Arab universities.

Noting that the project has achieved also the rate of 100% in the same assessment in the previous quarter

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