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Examination Affairs

Department of Examination Affairs
This department is assigned the following tasks:
1. Review the time schedules of the faculties, collect, and  present them in accordance with the time frame provided by the Supreme Council of Universities and  get an approval from the competent councils.
2. Prepare files for the administration of examinations to be presented to the Board of Academic and Students' Affairs and then to the University Council.
3. Follow-up of the faculties in preparation for examinations in each semester.
4. Review the examination schedules of the university faculties for the two academic semesters in accordance with the internal regulations of each faculty.
5. Review the formation of the Control Committees, the Audit Committees and the Assessment Committees of the Examination Paper in the two semesters received from the faculties  in accordance with the mechanism of educational effectiveness and the internal regulations of examinations in preparation for their approval/adoption.
6. Prepare,  compile  and present of the general daily report of examinations.
7. Prepare notes, reports and statistics regarding the critical cases of students from colleges to hold special committees that are conducted during the examination period and present them to the competent authorities for approval.
8. Follow-up of the examinations of students in faculties  in addition to the special committees.
9. Prepare statistics on cheating and riot records in faculties.
10. Follow up the progress of the control work throughout the exams and until the announcement of results in the faculties.
11. Participate in the amendment of the regulations regarding exams, controls and correction.
12. The administration supervises all the foreign students from the Arab    countries, which are received through the administration of the expatriates and  it follows up the colleges procedures to pay their fees.
• You can review the internal regulations for the organization of examinations and their remuneration at the University approved by the Council of the University in its session No. (15) on 27/5/2013.  Press here
• You can see the discipline of  regulating students  conduct in accordance with the law of the organization of universities. Press here
• You can learn about the mechanism of effective educational standard approved by the Council of the University in its session No. (53), held on 30/11/2015.These mechanisms  have been  in use since the academic year 2015/2016. Press here
• The examination repository can be found by clicking here
To obtain the required forms in  the Department of Examination Affairs
1. Sample daily test report.
2. Sample of assessment of the examination paper in terms of form.
3. Sample of  Audit Movement.
You can check the exam repository through the link
The Organizational Structure  of Department of Examination Affairs
Madam.  Sherine Mohamed Da'ader
 (Specialist of Studies and Examinations)
Manager Director
Mr.  Mustafa Al-Saeed Al-Marsa 
(Third Decoration Specialist)
To contact the Department of Examination Affairs
                City: New Damietta - Fourth District 
              Postal Code: 34517
              Telephone / Fax: + 20572402528 

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