Education &Students' Affairs Sector

The Vice President's statement

It is my pride and pleasure to participate in the setup of this newly established educational edifice; a matter  which entails the collaboration of all sincere and constructive efforts of university staff members, their assistants along with administrative members and all relevant doers of distinguished work partners to achieve what we all aspire to. These parties are required to come together and unite to promote students and educational activities and to provide all available possibilities necessary for creating a healthy, social, cultural and distinguishable  environment for our students. In this way, the university will be a desired place and a source of attraction for its students. It will be a release of  the positive energies of its youth,  a protective shield for them, and  an incentive to attract  the talented, the creative and the innovative which will lead to develop the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the homeland.
And we shall strive to keep up with the rapid and successful developments in all educational fields, as well as to improve the quality of the educational institutions in order to keep pace with the level of international quality standards and be in line with the changing requirements of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.
Because of the recentness of Academic and Student Affairs Sector at the university, we hope that we shall cooperate with each other to be on the right track to achieve the promised aims of the university: a privileged position in education and scientific research, and leadership in providing professional and technical services for the various sectors of society.
Finally, we shall ask Allah Almighty that we can realize our hopes, let Damietta University be a lighthouse of knowledge and a guidance for its students and to its social surroundings, and to be an additional value in supporting our precious and beloved Egypt.

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