Education &Students' Affairs Sector

Vice President's Office

Vice President's Office
Tasks assigned to the administrative office of Vice President for Academic and Students Affairs
Arranging the  topics  presented to the Vice-president Office.
preparing studies, data and research requested by the Vice President.
Taking necessary measures to implement and follow up the orders of the Vice President .
Supervising the organization of interviews, meetings and committees  headed by the vice president.
Preparing  documents and necessary legislations for the committees headed by the vice president of the university or those he participated in its membership.
Supervising  editing and copying stuff  in the office.
Supervise the development of administrative systems that will carry out the work of issuance, import and preservation related to the subjects of the Office.
participating in the preparation of reports of meetings chaired by the Vice President.
Supervising the preparation of meetings organized by the vice president.
Following up the implementation of decisions taken by the Vice President of the University
Al-Sayed Hassan Ali Hassan
Mariam Hassan Abdel-Salam Albeshbishy
Sherif Fathy Helmy Taha 
Abdel-Rahman Muhammad Refaat Ragab
Heba Muhammad Khalil Al- Safy

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