Students care administration

The Administrative Structure

The Administrative Structure


Administrative structure of the General Administration of Student care

  1. General Manager: Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Refat Mostafa -  General Director for Student care 
  2. Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs:

Director of the Department: Mr. / Rania Ali Hassan

3. Sports Activity Administration:


  • Mr. Ahmed Fathi Zemit
  • Mr. Mohammed Saeed Mahdi
  • Mr. Khaled Samir Dessouki
  • Mr. Loay Mohammed Raja
  • Mr. Tawfiq Abbas Abdullah
  • Ms. Heba Samir Shawky
  • Ms.Laila Hassan El-Baz Hajjaj


4. Public Service Department:


  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad Matar


5. Social Activity Department:

  • Miss. Rufaydah Rajab Al-Bisi is the Director of the Department


6. Social Solidarity Department:

No Specialists

  • Mrs. Hiam Ali Maher is the Director of the Department

7. Cultural and Artistic Activities Department:

  • Mrs. Hala Mohamed Abdel Sala is the Director of the Department


  • Ms. Omniya Raafat Al - Sherbini
  • Ms. Salwa Taha Taha Hamada
  • Ms. Walaa Ahmed Abdullah
  • Ms. Dina Saad Al-Essawy is a specialist in Scientific Activities

8. Families and Student Unions Department:

  • Mr. Maher Mohamed Sabr is the Director of the Department


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