Students care administration

Students' Activities

The University is not a place for the study only but it also discovers the talents and hidden energies inside students. The Administration of Student Welfare  plays a prominent role in constructing the personality of  university students  through practicing the student activities that contribute to satisfy their  inclinations and desires out of  many activities and distinguished services that invest their energy. These activities  create opportunities for the students to acquire experiences and new skills and to enhance them physically, intellectually and morally through a number of unities and specialized administrations. 
Administration for the Physical Activity 
The administration is interested in  the athletically talented students  in all athletic activities to form an elect that represents the university in  Egyptian Universities championships. The university also opens a center for training students and  individuals from inside and outside for different stages in all individual games and group games  during summer holidays.
Administration for  the  Cultural Activity 
It aims at expanding the students' intellectual and literary orbit and developing their intellect through holding seminars, and cultural meetings . It also  prepares contests between the students in  various domains such as  the novel - poetry – essay writing - research – The Holly Quraan – the Genius - club of the literature… etc.
Administration for the Scouts and  General Service 
This Administration is interested in  developing skills and students' capabilities in the domain of  scouting and guidance on the local and regional levels through holding top courses for all  Egyptian universities and making campsites and meetings between the students. It also seeks to instill the spirit of  voluntary work  and belonging between students through setting up general service projects. 
Administration for the Unions and the Student Families 
This administration  encourages students to form student families in all university faculties. It prepares suitable programs to link and strengthen the ties between the families in the faculties of  the university. The administration  prepares suitable programs to prepare  leaders  that can shoulder responsibilities in the future as well as follow up  the students' elections to choose of  Student Union  Council and  to polish the abilities of these leaders to enhance their power of endurance to shoulder the responsibility, to take  decision and to carry out projects and  activities  .
Administration for Social Activity
The social administration aims at enhancing  the ties between the students through organizing social camps and cultural and recreational trips for students. It does the Ideal Students Competition in all the faculties of the university. It also carries out  the periodic chess in the whole university.
Administration  for Artistic Activity
This  administration is interested in the talented students whether they are distinguished in applied arts such as  the drawing –sculpture  – the tasting or  they are talented in theatrical arts such as  acting or in popular arts  and music either  singing solo or  corral.
Administration  for Scientific Activity
It aims at  taking care of the highly talented students who have innovative powers and scientific faculties. It allows them the  opportunity to discover and enhance  these hidden  innovative powers.

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