Students care administration

the students committees

Students’ Families Committees

The Families Committees specialize in encouraging students to form students’ families in colleges and support their activities and coordination between their various activities in college in addition to supervising their trips and organizing a sports league among them in various games. They also have a cultural role that strengthens the bonds of friendship and creates a kind of honest competition between students.

The Cultural Committee

 The Cultural Activity Committee specializes in organizing aspects of cultural activity that lead to the students being acquainted with the features of society and the needs for its development. It also works to develop literary and cultural energies for students.

The sports committee

 The sports committee specializes in spreading sportsmanship among students and encouraging sports talents and working to develop them. The committee is also concerned with organizing sports activities at the university, through the formation of sports teams and the establishment of matches, competitions, parties and sports festivals.

The Technical Committee

 The technical committee specializes in performing activities such as Acting, choir, Fine arts, photography, singing, musical arts, etc.

The Roaming Committee

The Roaming and Public Service Committee is specialized in organizing the aspects of the movement of discovery and guidance on sound foundations in accordance with its principles. It implements environmental service programs approved by the Faculty Council and departments in a manner that contributes to community development. It encourages the participation of students in these programs implementation in the national public service projects that the country needs.

The Social Committee

 The Social Committee specializes in social activity and excursions to work on developing social ties between students and between faculty staff members to spread the spirit of mutual cooperation and fraternity and to spread the university spirit by organizing trips and social, cultural and recreational camps. The Social Committee specializes in financially assisting low-income students from the budget of social solidarity and according to the case study that is conducted with the knowledge of the social workers in the college. One of the committee’s terms of reference is the distribution of university book to low-income students in a manner that guarantees the principle of equal opportunities between all students. Moreover, the committee does blood donation campaigns and advocacy for donating to medical institutions that accept charitable benefits such as the Heart Institute or the Cancer Institute. The committee organizes the ideal boy and girl student competition every year at faculty and university level, in addition to establishing a chess tournament.

The scientific Committee

The scientific committee is concerned with spreading scientific and cultural awareness among faculty students, and enhancing mental capabilities through the formation of various scientific teams such as the innovation team, the computer team, and scientific research.


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