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Dear Boy Student
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You are invited to realise that the role of the University depends not only on the scientific qualification of the student through academic study, but on its role as an institution of radiation and intellectual and cultural enlightenment which  obliges it to contribute with other social institutions in the community in the formation of the student's personality and education. Its role extends to instill national belonging feeling to students and urge them to participate, integrate and interact with their colleagues, professors and the outside community as individuals and institutions through various student activities and various fields organized by the General Administration of Student Welfare with a vision based on helping students and preparing them cognitively, culturally, socially and mannerly to participate actively in society. The General Administration of Student Welfare seeks to uncover the students creativity and personal talents and to develop their skills. Moreover, it acquires students the power of confrontation, smooth dialogue and continuous discussion in order to break silence, remove passivity and indifference and move to the circle of participation, interaction and team work. Such an end can be achieved through plans, programs and students activities developed by experts in the field of Students 'care and is carried out and supervised by specialists in various fields. This work goes on throughout the academic year and during the summer vacation to make optimal use and investment of students' leisure time for the their benefits and the society as a whole. The following is a list of the activities of the General Administration for the students Welfare and their various fields and how students can participate in and  get benefit from them.

Students Union
Social activity, trips and camps

  • Artistic Activity
  • Cultural Activity
  • Sport Activities
  • Student Families
  • Mobile and Public Services
  • Science Club
  • Social Solidarity Fun

The Students' Union is the legitimate channel through which students can express their opinions and their demands. Make sure u choose your best representative. If you have the ability to represent your colleagues and express their demands, do not hesitate and submit the nomination.

Organizational Structure
The University Students Union consists of Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for each faculty at the University. Students Union Council nominates a secretary and an assistant secretary. The Union has several committees representing different activities of the Union, namely, social, cultural, artistic, sports, student families, Mobile, Public Services, scientific, technological, and  Press, Media and Public Relations committees.

Membership Conditions:

  • Egyptian nationality
  • Good morals and good reputation
  • A regular student in his/her department

An active participant in the activities in the field of work of the nominating committee Not previously convicted of a restrictive penalty or dropped or suspended his/her membership in one of the student unions or their committees.

If you meet the above conditions, you must follow the following:

  • Apply to the College's Student Welfare Department to receive the application and the survey form.
  • After completing all the data you must return the form to the Department of Student Welfare at the College according to the deadlines announced at the College.
  • The College will review these forms and accept those who meet the conditions and exclude those who violate the conditions of nomination.
  • The statements shall be attached to the names of those who meet the conditions.
  • If you do not find your name in spite of the conditions, you must submit an appeal to the College Appeals Committee with all the documents supporting your position.
  • Any candidate excluded from the nomination has the right to apply to the University Appeals Committee, which will study the application and consider its registration if the conditions are met.

Students Union consists of a group of students who are representative in each class and are divided into seven committees, namely families committee, social committee, sports committee, mobile committee, cultural committee, technical committee and scientific committee. The student union is supervised by a leading faculty staff member and each of these committees is supervised by a leading faculty staff member. Nominations for the Students' Union elections begin in late October and the candidate must

  • must have Egyptian nationality
  • be characterized by good morals and good reputation
  • be a regular student in his department not makeup student
  • be an active participant in the significant activities of the committee in which he/she is running

Expressing university students in a democratic way:

Students' Union is a form of expressing university students' opinions in a democratic way to develop national awareness, learn methods of conscious leadership, think in an organized manner and a democratic sense and use responsible freedom to express opinions in the best interest of the student and benefit of the university community as a component of the great Egyptian society.
Student Union Work System:
The Students 'Union shall be governed by administrative and financial regulations, which shall determine the regulations governing the conduct of elections of the Students' Union at all stages and the financial system, which shall determine how the budget of the Union shall be spent.
How to prepare for student union elections:
There is a table that organizes the stages of the elections from the beginning of the nomination to the selection of the secretaries and assistant secretaries at the college and university level.
How to carry out the work of the student union elections:
Committees shall be formed to supervise elections in accordance with the regulations governing the elections and from the receipt of applications and the administrative stages pertaining to each level of elections.

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