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The Students' Unions

The Students' Union is the legitimate path and natural track in which the university students launch their creations and innovations in activities through the various student union committees (sports, mobile, cultural, families, social and artistic).
Requirements to be met by a member of the Union:
To be Egyptian
to be well-reputed
To have paid the fees of the Union
To be a notably active nominee in the committee (first year students are excluded
The student should not have been previously sentenced to a restrictive penalty or decided to drop his sentence or suspend his membership in one of the student unions and their committees.
The Union's Councils and Committees are elected by November every year.
How can a student apply for the Students' Union elections?
 • Election Form is withdrawn from the Youth Welfare Department at the Faculty.
• The form is written, signed by both the Student Affairs and Youth Welfare and the Dean of the Faculty and stamped.
• Submit the form to the Department of Youth Welfare at the Faculty.
• The University President determines the dates and schedule of elections.
• No student shall be entitled to vote unless he / she is registered in the voters list and carries proof of identity and payment of fees.
• The Dean of the Faculty forms committees to oversee the course of elections.
• The Youth Welfare Authority prepares, equips and supervises the elections.
If it is not possible to form the Students' Union in the Faculty for any reason, the Dean of the Faculty issues a decision appointing the Students' Union for the Faculty from notably good outstanding active students.
The Council of the Students' Union in the faculty is formed annually under the leadership of the Faculty's Dean or his deputy among the faculty members.
Staff Leaders of the Committees for the Students' Union Council:
The secretaries and assistant secretaries of students' Union Council committees. The students elect the members of the council including the secretary and assistant secretary of the council.
The head  the Youth Welfare Department shall attend the meetings of the Council and shall be the Secretary of the Fund. 
The Students' Union offers many milestones activities annually and in which all efforts of the university members are combined to produce them properly, for example:
- Celebrating many national, religious, social and other occasions such as Sinai Liberation Holidays, October Victories, Spring Holidays, and other events held by the University Students' Union with field and site visits, technical, cultural and social meetings awaited by the university students annually.
- The Students' Union also organizes many one day trips and long trips; these trips are national, tourist, scientific, recreational, cultural, religious ones.
- The Students' Union organizes the inaugural art festivals annually.
- Also the Students' Union does not overlook its role to provide social care for university students and to provide a helping hand to those who need them financially and morally.
a. Students' Families
Students' families are an organization that emerges from the Families Committee of the Faculty's Students' Union. The purpose of this organisation is to develop the spirit of cooperation between students as well as between them and their professors, and to expand the base of the practice of students in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities that will help them refine their talents, develop their abilities and skills and invest their leisure time. Each family establishes as many committees as it sees suitable and organizes activities through social, cultural, sports or excursions committees, on the condition that each committee has a rapporteur from the students with a fixed-time program.
Formation of student families
1. The registration of families for each faculty shall be open during the first month of the academic year provided that the dead line for families' approval from the University shall be at the end of December of each year. No family may practice its activities until a decision has been taken to adopt them.
2. The student's family rapporteur, along with a student representative from each grade at the faculty, shall submit a request to one of the faculty professors requesting their need to form a family under this professor's leadership. The request shall be accompanied by the family's objectives, the specific program of activity and the sources of funding for the family.
3. The Professor shall study the family's program and proposes what s/he deems in line with the spirit of the university and the traditions and customs prevailing in the vicinity of the university.
4. The request after being studied shall be presented to the Dean of the faculty  to take the special measures and to get the university's approval.
To form a family the following actions shall be taken into consideration:
The Department of Youth Welfare at the faculty announces to all students clearly the establishment of the family through announcements, bulletin boards and banners in the places of student gatherings, within a maximum period of one week since the Dean's date of approval.
• A student who wishes to join the family shall apply in person to the form prepared with Students Welfare Department stating the name, grade, and address and gets it approved by the Students' Affairs in the faculty.
• The applicant must be a regular student who meets the membership requirements of the Union.
• The number of students in the family is not less than fifty members and not more than 75 members.
• The Dean of the Faculty shall accredit names, and shall send all family documents for approval from the university.
• The Dean of the faculty and the university administration shall stop the activities of a family and canceled its formation if it violates the program specified for its activity or violates the regulations governing student work.
• Each family forms a board of directors.
• Each Student family  prepares a report on its activity each year. The leader of the family signs it and  the Dean of the faculty  prepares a comprehensive report on the whole families and submits them to the University.
Preparation of student leaders and care for the outstanding
The department is working on preparing student leaders and caring for the distinguished to develop the student's sense of self and his/her national affiliations, and to  try to help the student launch in the sky of excellence and uniqueness to achieve self-satisfaction and find out his/her talents. in terms of finding the opportunity to open the windows of excellence. Preparation of student leaders  is an activity that prepares the distinguished students endowed with intellectual and cultural talents by providing the right atmosphere for them to show their excellence and activate their role in leadership and in taking over responsibilities in order to prepare them for the future.
The family activity provides students with the following activities:
1. Cultural competitions. 
2. Know your country program.
3. The annual festival of families
4. Organizing recreational trips.
5. Social competitions
6. Participation in the activities and competitions of Egyptian universities.
7. Environment and community service projects
8. Courses to prepare leaders and  other courses on civic education

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