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Orientation to Student Welfare Administration

To achieve the mission of Damietta University as a home for learning and knowledge , a platform for science and culture among students, and its impressive impact on shaping the personality of each student, Student Welfare Administration found it necessary to achieve a fundamental aspect of the university's mission through multiple programs that perfect skills, develop talents and creativity, and support the bonds of love and cooperation among the students through the role of the General Administration of Student Welfare. It provides a variety of services to the students through student activities and other diverse services and provide student activities at Damietta University and the universities of Egypt in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Sports Federation through departments of Student Welfare in the following fields:

First: The Field of Student Unions


  1. Elections of the Students' Union in the Faculties.
  2. Forming the Council of the University Students Union.
  3. Inauguration ceremony of the University Students' Union Council.
  4. Meetings of the Union.
  5. Seminars - conferences - camps - scientific, educational and recreational trips for university students and the distinguished in the activities - concerts - competitions in all fields.
  6. Courses to prepare leaders of student unions.
  7. University Youth Parliament.
  8. Workshops and training courses in all fields proposed by students
  9. Participation in all events organized by Damietta university and the local and regional activities organized by Egyptian universities, Arab foreign and community institutions on various occasions.
  10. Quintet of football
  11. Concessions
  12. League of students in group games
  13. Martyr Rifai course in various sports
  14. The sports course for the champions of the Egyptian universities
  15. Football League of the Egyptian universities
  16. Handball League for Egyptian universities


Second: The Field of Sports Activity

  1. Swimming championship
  2. University championship in table tennis
  3. University championship in tennis courts
  4. University championship in squash
  5. University championship in athletics
  6. University Volleyball championship
  7. University Basketball Championship
  8. University Handball Championship
  9. Sports Shows


Third: The Field of Social Activity


  1. Ideal student competition in Damietta University
  2. Chess Competition
  3. Social Solidarity Fund
  4. Blood Donation
  5. Social Work Day
  6. Research, Social Issues and Issues Competition
  7. Trips and preparing leaders camps
  8. Awareness campaign to combat addiction
  9. Social Seminar.


Fourth: The Field of Cultural Activity


  1. Seminars (political - religious - economic - literary).
  2. Information Race League.
  3. Wall magazines.
  4. Holy Quran memorization competition.
  5. Poetry competitions - short story competition - article competition- various literary and cultural topics.
  6. Journal of the University - periodicals in the college / university.


Fifth: The Field of Artistic Activity

  1. Competitions and exhibitions of plastic arts and women.
  2. Music &singing choir.
  3. Theatrical representation (representation - Decor - Scenography - Direction).
  4. Super Star Competition.
  5. Various concerts and artistic activities in different occasion.
  6. Folk art – pantomime.


Sixth: The Field of Family Activity

  1. Forming student families in colleges and practising all activities on behalf of the family.
  2. Competitions (sports - art - social – cultural).
  3. Seminars - Trips – Concerts.
  4. Families Festival for University College.
  5. Participation of Egyptian universities in various activities.

Seventh: The Field of Mobile and Public Service

  1. The composition of the clan and mobile phones at the university.
  2. Camps for the preparation, training and refinement of clans.
  3. Camp Preparation Assistant Scout Unit.
  4. Camp preparation by the commander of the Scout Unit.
  5. University Festival for mobile and mobiles.
  6. Scouting trips and cellular

Eighth: The field of Scientific and Technological Activities

  1. Scientific seminars.
  2. Scientific Contests (Multimedia Contest - Software Contest - Best Competition C.D - Science Fiction Contest).
  3. Competition of scientific information league.
  4. Wall Magazines Competition.
  5. Competition of scientific innovations and inventions.
  6. Small Projects Competition.
  7. Scientific Research Competition In addition to participating in summits, meetings and events of foreign forums with other universities and Arab and foreign universities

Sport Activities

Sports activities aim at
  1. Discovering the pysical talents of university students
  2. Satisfying students' sports wishes and fill leisure time with what is useful
  3. Contributing to the formation of a good citizen physically, behaviorally and spiritually

Sports activities organized during each academic year:

  1. Group games students (football - volleyball - basketball - hand – hockey).
  2. Students group games (volleyball - basketball – hand)
  3. Students' Individual Games (athletics - table tennis - karate - taekwondo - swimming - boxing - wrestling - judo - weight lifting – bodybuilding)
  4. Individual female students (athletics - table tennis - karate - taekwondo – swimming)
Sports activities organized for students with disabilities

How to participate in various sports activities:

  1. The Department shall announce the sports activities that will be organized in college.
  2. The student shall apply to the Youth Welfare Office in the faculty to register his/her name and personal data and the activity he/she wishes to practice.
  3. The Youth Welfare Office in the College organizes internal meetings so that it can choose who represents the college in the various satisfaction activities.
  4. Through the meetings that take place between the faculties of the university is selected the best elements to receive the honor to represent the university in sports meetings abroad


Awards and gifts received by students who have achieved advanced positions:

  • Commemorative medals (gold, silver and bronze).
  • Financial and in-kind prizes and certificates of appreciation.
  • Nomination to participate in camps and trips organize.
  • Attending the honoring ceremony, which is held annually under the auspices of Prof. Vice President for Education and Student Affairs at the end of the year.

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